A Birthday to Remember

So it was my 18th birthday on Friday and I decided to spend it with a bunch of my girlfriends – we went out, ate good food and partied until 4am.

It was a super cool evening which involved heavy drinking, piggish eating and mountains of retro sweets from my favourite online sweet shop, Retro Sweet Corner, it’s fabulous. Only second to American Soda like.

I’m going to divulge more of the details from my amazing birthday weekend below, but before I do, please be warned that there’s nothing girly about it.

I drink like a fish, look like a man and act like a circus act… Go figure!

Friday Night Birthday

So my birthday was on a Friday which was great for 2 reasons:

1) It’s the start of the weekend which means that I didn’t need to get up for work the following day – always a positive when you go as hard as me and my girls do.

2) It’s the best night to go out on the weekend. The bars and clubs expect you and cater to you as well as they can with great prices on drinks.

Anyway, here’s what went down:

Good Food at F&B’s

Our first stop of the evening was at our local Frankie and & Bennies restaurant in Aintree – I love that place, the food is so good and the service is always top notch. I ordered the BBQ Ribs with fries and a side salad (made me feel better) and a glass of Red Wine.

The food was cooked to perfection and me and the girls really had a great laugh. We did order dessert, too, which again was very delicious.

I got the Banana Cheesecake which is basically Vanilla with Banana on top. It’s probably the best Dessert you’ll ever taste – I have to tell you to try or it or I’ll regret it. It’s really, really good and the price isn’t over the top compared with other local restaurants of this quality.

Definitely going again soon!

Drinks (lots) at the Clubs

Once our good food and warm-up drinks had gone down, we got our rags on and went for a bar and club crawl which didn’t end until 4AM.

If that’s not a successful night on the town, I don’t know what is.

It was a good night and there was only one negative incident during the entire evening which is quite unusual in Liverpool. A guy was hitting on me and decided he could grab my ass but I quickly made him realise otherwise by slapping him silly.

Cheeky sod!

Safe to say that I don’t remember much after the first couple of hours but I do know that I went to one of my girlies houses afterwards to stay the night and sleep off my messy behaviour. Of course we had to wrap up with a dirty McDonald’s breakfast early in the morning – went down a treat that did.

My Birthday Gifts

Okay so enough about my filthy behaviour, more about the gifts.

I got an e cigarette from my lovely boyfriend because he knows that I have been trying to stop smoking for years and failed badly every time. Hopefully this new electronic cigarette will be just what I need to finally kick that dirty habit.

He also got me a few bottles of menthol e liquid to smoke with it. This is a premium hangsen e-liquid from the E-Liquid UK Store. It’s SO GOOD!

My parents got me lots of the usual girly birthday stuff including some nice new pyjamas that I can wear down the ASDA (no shame) – all in all it was a fantastic day and I am so grateful to everyone who got me a present and made my day even more special. Also need to mention my little brother or he’ll shout at me – thanks for my new straighteners, Tommy, I love you loads. Will give you a big hug soon!

Until next time girls! :) x